Internet von damals bis heute

Montag, 10.2.2020, 07:28 > daMax

Einen schönen und sehr, sehr langen Artikel über Webdesign von den Anfängen bis heute gibt's bei Zitat:

Keeping your site consistent was thus something of a nightmare. One solution was to simply not style anything, which a lot of folks did. This was nice, in some ways, since browsers let you change those defaults, so you could read the Web how you wanted.

A clever alternate solution, which I remember showing up in a lot of Geocities sites, was to simply give every page a completely different visual style. Fuck it, right? Just do whatever you want on each new page.

That trend was quite possibly the height of web design.

Damn, I miss those days. There were no big walled gardens, no Twitter or Facebook. If you had anything to say to anyone, you had to put together your own website. It was amazing. No one knew what they were doing;

Und dieser Abschnitt spricht mir sehr aus der Seele (wenn ich persönlich auch nicht so viele Menschen kannte, die ihre eigene Website hatten...):

Sadly, that’s all gone now — paved over by homogenous timelines where anything that wasn’t made this week is old news and long forgotten. The web was supposed to make information eternal, but instead, so much of it became ephemeral. I miss when virtually everyone I knew had their own website. Having a Twitter and an Instagram as your entire online presence is a poor substitute.

(via nerdcore)