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spamHeute in meiner Inbox:

Hi there,

I'm Adam, and I'm the father of two (great) kids 😀.

I recently learned about lotteries that support children in different ways. I was so discouraged by this fact because a few people know about it. I searched a lot about this topic and came across your page (it's nice!):

I checked your resources too, but I didn't find statistics and updated numbers. I kept my research, and it paid off.

Here's a page with full statistics and facts about lotteries andchild support in different countries, with impressive infographics: 

(it's available in 15 languages) 

I'm sure your readers would be excited to know more about this, and maybe by sharing such pages we could help some kids. Anyway, I thought it'd be a perfect fit for your resource page. 

What do you think? :)

Thanks a lot for your good work! Keep it up.


Hi Adam,

I think you are just a petty spammer and a lousy researcher, because the page you mentioned contains absolutely no reference to child-support whatsoever, especially not on gambling that claims to support children. Furthermore I think that my readers might be mildly amused by your attempt at most.

Please, try to be a good role model for your two great kids and get a real job.

Yours truly.

(Bild von bunchofpants [CC BY-NC-SA])