Gay Aryan National-Socialists (G.A.N.S.)

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What? I don't even...

Vice: An Interview with a Gay, Russian Neo-Nazi

By Nick Chester

Another group of neo-Nazis not bothering to adhere to Hitler's guidelines on who to hate are those involved in the Russian gay neo-Nazi skinhead movement. As you might recall from being within spitting distance of any history textbook ever, the Führer and his Third Reich buddies weren't too keen on either Russians or homosexuals—an estimated 100,000 of the latter were arrested between 1933 and 1945, with 5,000 to 15,000 eventually being sent to perish in concentration camps.

Much like the Malays, minor historical details like rampant persecution and horrific genocide have apparently been forgotten by the Russians. The first such group I came across were the Gay Union of Patriots of Russia, whose members spout bizarre theories about how only gay men can be true Russian patriots.


Ihr erwartet hoffentlich nicht von mir, dass ich auf deren Website verlinke, ne? Ihr findet die schon selbst, da habe ich volles Vertrauen in eure Medienkompetenz.

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