52 things I learned in 2023

Samstag, 16.12.2023, 10:05 > daMax

Tom Whitwell schreibt seit fast 10 Jahren jährlich eine Liste mit 52 Dingen, die er in dem jeweiligen Jahr gelernt hat. So auch dieses Jahr und ich habe euch meine Highlights mal extrahiert:

1. In a recent experiment, “a group of domesticated birds were taught to call one another on tablets and smartphones.” They enjoyed it and made new friendships. [Schuyler Velasco]

6. The US Defence Department earns $100m/year operating slot machines used by soldiers on their bases. [Gabby Means]

9. Psychedelic cryptography is a way of concealing messages (normally in videos) so that only people who’ve taken LSD can receive the messages. [Andrés Gómez-Emilsson]

21. The UK government recently changed the law to ban company names containing computer code, after Michael Tandy of Hatfield registered a company called “; DROP TABLE “COMPANIES”; — LTD,” which could theoretically erase the companies house database. [Alison Thewliss MP]

42. In 2004, it took one year to install 1 gigaWatt of solar power. In 2023, installed 1 gigaWatt of solar power every day. [Kees van der Leun]

43. Ukrainian defenders print out giant 1:1 life-size aerial photographs of damaged airfields. Once the site is repaired, they hang the images over the sites so they look damaged and not worth attacking again. [Mykhaylo Zabrodskyi & co]

46. Scientists in Singapore have developed a tiny flexible battery, powered by the salt in human tears, designed for smart contact lenses. 🤯 [Yun Jeonghun]

52. Steering a bike is much, much more complicated than it seems. [Lori Dorn]

Und beim Erstellen dieses Posts habe ich außerdem gelernt, dass Firefox ein neues Feature "Copy Link Without Site Tracking" hat. Außerdem habe ich gelernt, dass man das Rechtsklick-Menu in Firefox anpassen kann, was ich aber erst in den nächsten Tagen tun werde, wenn ich Zeit und Muße für so nen Quatsch habe.

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