Flash Videos stoppen im Fullscreenmodus

Freitag, 31.7.2009, 21:51 > daMax

Bei mir hielten in letzter Zeit Flashvideos im Fullscreenmodus immer einfach an. Dagegen gibt es Abhilfe:

    Rechte Maus aufs Video im "Normalmodus" (nicht fullscreen) -> Symbol mit Monitor und Pinsel -> Hardwarebeschleunigung aktivieren.

Egal was angeklickt ist: das Gegenteil ist richtig.

easy going :-)

If flash videos freeze in fullscreen mode, do the following:

While the video is in regular mode (not "full screen"), right-click
on the video itself. From the drop-down menu, click "Settings".
If you get 5 icons on the very bottom row, you might be in luck.

The first 2 icons should both show you a monitor. Click the one
that features a graphic on the bottom of its screen (usually the
first icon). You should thus get "Enable hardware acceleration".
Whatever the box shows you, click the opposite, and then click
on "Close".