Valentina Lisitsa versus Sony Music bzw. YouTube ContentID

Montag, 9.10.2017, 15:26 > daMax

Valentina Lisitsa ist von YouTubes ContentID-System und auch von Sony Music schwer genervt:

I rarely become exasperated :)
But Sony Music Entertainment has decided to pay me a compliment. Of sorts. It thinks that my rendition of this piece - whole 90 seconds of it - is Glenn Gould reincarnated ! And for this they BLOCKED my Bach WORLDWIDE.
Yes, Sony Music Entertainment ( SME for short ) has been blocking me from posting the entire video and doesn't respond to my emails ( by the way, their email is ) Maybe this video will help.
I also made a video clip "pitting" me vs Gould for the 90 seconds to show how ridiculous ( if not malicious or fraudulent ) the claim as well as YouTube ContentID is.
Guess what?
That "shredded" video got promptly blocked worldwide as well! :) I will put it on Facebook , in case you are interested.
It's a total fail.
While we are all waiting to see the video of Bach , you can hear it LIVE - as early as next week in Italy, a week later - in Sweden ( for example here ) Come check for yourself if I am half as good as Gould! :-)))))

PS: ihre schlimme Verwendung von Leerzeichen um sämtliche Satzzeichen herum nervt allerdings mich schwer.