A dog humping a tree stump. Or is it?

Juni 27th, 2011, 09:15

For those about to rock (and understand the English): Dom Lawson hat bei Metal Hammer einen sehr hübschen Artikel über das demnächst erscheinende Jointventure-Album von Metallica und Lou Reed geschrieben. Zitat:

What concerns me, however, is that (with all due respect to all those involved…no, really!) this is a project with “rich man’s folly” written all over it. Given the mixed response that Death Magnetic received in 2008, it strikes me as a little bizarre that Metallica should spend valuable writing and recording time dicking about with Old Mr. Misery Bollocks, especially when one of the principal criticisms levelled at Death Magnetic was that it sounded unfocused, under-rehearsed and compositionally flabby.

Nachdem ich diesen ersten Vorgeschmack gehört habe, möchte ich euch den Artikel umso wärmer ans Herz legen.

Dom Lawson On Metallica’s Lou Reed Collaboration