Interview mit einer Anonymiss

Montag, 21.3.2011, 19:49 > daMax

Um nach der Playboy-Werbung mein Karma wieder ins Gleichgewicht zu bringen: BoingBoing hat ein Interview mit Emma_A, der Sprecherin von AnonyMiss. AnonyMiss ist sowas wie der emanzipierte Zweig der Hackervereinigung Anonymous. Und was sie zu sagen hat, wird meinen Leserinnen bestimmt gefallen, meinen Lesern hoffentlich auch.

Oxblood: AnonyMiss was announced by Anonymous here. The notice was interesting in itself but even more interesting, at least for me, were the comments. There doesn't appear to be any particular consensus. Some think it's a good idea; others think it's unnecessary; still others want to see boobs. What is your reaction to the feedback?

Emma_A: I don't take it very seriously. Some are for and some are against. One has to expect that in any new movement. I sense some hostility. Some people think that women should shut up and let the men do the talking. That ain't gonna happen, boys. We're determined to make our voices heard and we want you with us. That's my goal, to make this a joint effort with men and women working together for the freedom of women. AnonyMiss is a fledgling entity learning to fly, and we will.

(via netzpolitik)