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spamGerade eben hat mir ein Bot in einem Kommentar alle Sprüche in den Spamfilter gerotzt, die er drauf hat. Da können die Nichtblogbetreiber unter euch mal sehen können, was für Dramen sich hier Tag für Tag hinter den Kulissen abspielen. Man beachte den geschickten Einsatz kyrillischer(?) Buchstaben, zur besseren Kenntlichkeit hab die ersten 5 mal rot markiert:

Ӏ havе beеn surfing online morе than 3
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Hi. this is kind of an -unconventional- question , but have other visitors asked you how get the menu bar to look like you have got it? I also have a blog and am genuinely looking to alter around the theme, even so am scared to death to mess with it for fear of the search engines punishing me. I am really new to all of this …so i am just not positive exactly how to attempt to to it all yet. I’ll just kеep worκing οn іt 1 daу аt a tіmе.

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Whу ԁidnt I beliеve аbout this?
I heаr sρecіfіcally ωhat уoure saying and Im so haρpу
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Hi. this is type of an -unconventional- question , but have other visitors asked you how get the menu bar to look like you’ѵе
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hаd tо saу, I couldnt aid
but lose іnterest afteг а whilst. Itѕ as in the еvent уоu had a fantastiс grаsp on the subjеct matter,
but you forgot to include your rеaders. Perhapѕ you need
to fеel about thiѕ frοm more
than one angle. Oг perhaps you shouldnt
generaliѕe sο signifісantlу.
Its grеаter if yοu thіnk about
what оthers mаy need to sау аs oррoѕed to јuѕt going foг a
gut reaction tо the subject. Fееl about adjusting youг own thоught mеthod anԁ gіѵing
otherѕ who might reaԁ thіѕ thе benefit of the ԁoubt.

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I thіnk уouvе pгοduced ѕome truly
іntrіguing pointѕ. Νot too sеveгal рeοple wоulԁ in faсt thіnk abоut thіs
thе way yοu just diԁ. Ιm gеnuіnely
imρresѕeԁ that theres so а lot abоut
this subject thаts bеen uncovered аnԁ you did it so
prοperly, with ѕo сonsiԁerаblу сlasѕ.
Good one yоu, man! Gеnuinеly fantastic
ѕtuff here.
Hі there. I genuinely aρpгecіаte thе points уou maԁe.

I dont belіeve Ive truly thought about it іn that ωay.
I саn actuallу appгeciatе hoω you appгοachеd the ѕubjеct mаtter and what you saіd асtually
gave me a nеw perspесtivе.

Thanks for tаkіng the time tο wrіte thiѕ all out.

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