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spamDiese Mail der Kategorie "versuchen kann man es ja mal" hat es heute an meinem Spamfilter vorbei geschafft:


Hope you get this on time, We made a trip to Kiev, Ukraine and had our bags stolen from us with our phones and credit cards in it. The embassy is willing to help by letting us fly back home since we still have our passports, We just have to pay for our ticket and settle Hotel bills. Unfortunately for us, I don't have access to funds without my credit card, I've made contact with my bank but they need more time to come up with a new one. I was thinking of asking you to lend me (£2,550GBP) that I can give back as soon as We get home. We really need to be on the next available flight. I'm so confused at the moment I need urgent help.

Western Union is the best option to send money to me. Let me know if you need my details(Full names and locate). you can also reach me via email.

All hopes on you.

Best Regards,


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