8088 MPH: Eine Oldskool Demo

Mittwoch, 8.4.2015, 09:14 > daMax

Platz 1 in der Kategorie "Oldskool" der diesjährigen Revision-Demoparty: Eine Demo auf einem IBM 5150 (aka. der allererste “IBM PC”) von Hornet, CRTC und DESiRE. Sweet!

  • 4.77 MHz 8088 CPU. 5 MHz seems like a lot compared to other 8-bit micros, but it takes the CPU 4 cycles to read a single byte. So, compared to other 8-bit CPUs like the 6502, 6809, or Z80 which can read a byte in one clock cycle, the effective clock speed of the 8088 is more like (4.77 / 4) = 1.19 MHz.
  • 640 KB RAM
  • a floppy drive
  • IBM CGA card, Video adapter that has a 9-pin RGBI interface and an RCA NTSC composite video interface. Driven by a Motorola 6845 character generator. No facilities for changing text characters; font is fixed.
  • Internal speaker; no sound card like the Sound Blaster, or special sound hardware like the C64 SID. Speaker can be driven by a timer pin to produce a square wave, or can be bit-banged directly via a port or a one-shot timer.
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