Snowden. Mal wieder.

Donnerstag, 23.11.2017, 18:01 > daMax

Ed Snowden sprach gestern auf einer IT-Konferenz und wie immer hat alles, was er sagt, Hand und Fuß.Für die aufmerkamkeitsdefizitären Charaktere unter euch habe ich schon mal zur entscheidenden Aussage vorgespult. MAZ ab!

When we have these structural flaws in our system, we need to start thinking about "okay, we can no longer change the people who are sitting in the seats of power as easily. That means we can no longer change the laws to be responsive to what is necessary to meet public desires. What happens when a representative democracy slowly, quietly becomes less representative and how do we restore that balance? There is a lot of bad news in our current world, you know. It's very easy to look around and to see all of these problems in all of these different circumstances that don't go away. We talk about Brexit, we talk about the fact that Germany, of all places, can't for a government anymore, and we go... y'know, something is happening, we can't put our finger on what. But we can look for the silver linings.

Weiter tippe ich das jetzt nicht ab :P