Besser verkaufen dank "KI"?

Freitag, 14.7.2023, 07:38 > daMax

Zoom bietet mir gerade (per nicht-abbestelbarer Spammail) einen "KI"-Assistenten* an, mit dem Verkäufer angeblich besser verkaufen können sollen:

Outreach Kaia works alongside a sales rep before, during and after a Zoom meeting.

Outreach Kaia assistant joins Zoom meetings to provide call recording and live transcription. In the meeting Kaia will capture meeting attendees, provide real-time content insights to sales reps, take notes, and capture action items.

After the meeting, Outreach Kaia sends an email summary to the sales rep that can be sent to their customers for prompt follow up. Sales reps can also review recordings of the meetings along with the action items and notes created within Kaia.

With Outreach Kaia helps reps stay on top of constantly changing sales practices and information, effectively addressing customer questions and reducing time spent on administrative tasks. Get started today to make your sales reps sell smarter, make every conversation count and execute perfect follow-ups with customers.

This app is for non-admin Zoom users to set up their integration with Outreach Kaia. If you're a Zoom admin and need to set up Zoom integration with Outreach Kaia for the organization, please see the Outreach kaia for Zoom Admins app.

Das wird eine tolle Zukunft, die wir uns da erschaffen lassen :-(

*Ich schreibe "KI" nur noch in Anführungszeichen, denn ich halte den gesamten Begriff für hochproblematisch weil irreführend.