Endlich mehr Überwachung, Folge 2.936 (Miles'n'More-Edition)

Donnerstag, 21.4.2016, 15:43 > daMax

willkommen in der freiheit | gefängnis |prison |terrorismDer EU-Rat hat für eine Vorratsspeicherung von Fluggastdaten gestimmt.

60 Datenkategorien über Flugreisende bis hin zu Essenswünschen müssen die EU-Staaten künftig fünf Jahre lang aufbewahren.

Was da so gespeichert wird, fragt ihr euch? Fast nix:

  • PNR record locator
  • Date of reservation/issue of ticket
  • Date(s) of intended travel
  • Name(s)
  • Address and contact information (t elephone number, e-mail address)
  • All forms of payment information, including billing address
  • Complete travel itinerary for specific PNR
  • Frequent flyer information
  • Travel agency/travel agent
  • Travel status of passenger, including confirmations, check-in status, no show or go show information
  • Split/divided PNR information
  • General remarks (including all available information on unaccompanied minors under 18 years, such as name and gender of the minor, age, language(s) spoken, name and contact details of guardian on departure and relationship to the minor, name and contact details of guardian on arrival and relationship to the minor, departure and arrival agent)
  • Ticketing field information, including ticket number, date of ticket issuance and one-way tickets, Automated Ticket Fare Quote fields
  • Seat number and other seat information
  • Code share information
  • All baggage information
  • Number and other names of travellers on PNR
  • Any Advance Passenger Information (API) data collected (inter alia document type, document number, nationality, country of issuance, date of document expiration, family name, given name, gender, date of birth, airline, flight number, departure date, arrival date, departure port, arrival port, departure time, arrival time)
  • All historical changes to the PNR listed in numbers 1 to 18
  • Repeat after me: I AM FREE!

    (Bild: daMax [CC BY-NC], based on this by Thomas Hawk [CC BY-NC])

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