Spieltipp: There Is No Game : Wrong Dimension

Freitag, 28.5.2021, 12:44 > daMax

OHMYGOD! Ich stelle gerade fest, dass ich die großartigste Unterhaltung der letzten Monate noch gar nicht verbloggt habe! Dann mache ich das jetzt. Allerdings habe ich irgendwie keinen Bock so viel zu schreiben, also nehme ich mein Steam-Review und veröffentliche es nochmal hier (ja, auf englisch, Spiel und Trailer sind schließlich auch auf englisch).

Kurzfassung auf deutsch: holt euch den Vorläufer "There Is No Game : Jam Edition 2015" für umme auf Steam oder spielt es auf Poki im Browser und wenn ihr daran Spaß habt, holt euch die Vollversion. TING:WD hat bei den Adventure Game Awards 2020 insgesamt 11 Preise eingeheimst und ist "overwhelmingly positive" auf Steam bei knapp 10.000 Reviews, das spricht ja schon Bände.

Hier also mein Steam-Review und sämtliche relevanten Links:

Before I start, let's get two things out of the way. One: this is an indie game, so don't expect hollywood-like voice-acting or motion-capturing. Two: to fully enjoy this game, you should probably have grown up with C64, Amiga, SNES, Zak MacKracken and Zelda. Three: it helps to have a twisted, bizarre, wicked and destructive mindset to play this game... sorry: non-game. Were that three things? Nevermind.

Still here? Good. Because "There is no game: Wrong Dimension" (or TING:WD, as we connoisseurs call it), is the funniest thing you will come across today. I promise.

It's hard to talk about TING:WD, because whatever I tell you might be a potential spoiler and the fun in TING:WD is the exploration and what-the-heck-am-I-supposed-to-do-now-?!?-moments. It's safe to say TING:WD contains elements of oldschool game-genres like Point'n'Click, RPG and Puzzle with a bit of Arcade sprinkled all over it. But there is so much more...

Let me put it this way: the best you can do is to head over to its predecessor TING:Jam Edition, download that for free and play it. When you hated that, you can safely skip this one. Because this here is more of the same. Much much more.

It took me about 7 hours to get through this game and I might not be the fastest puzzle-solver in the world, so you might even need less than that. But that doesn't say anything about how much fun you can have with TING:WD. This non-game is funny in *so* many ways. Oh boy :)

TL;DR: "There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension" is the funniest Point'n'Click thing I've ever played. Worth every penny.

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