Sonntag, 15.11.2020, 19:27 > daMax

Tja, ich schätze, ich bin verloren, denn:


Subject: High level of danger. Your account was under attack.


I am a hacker who managed to get full control over your device.
I must tell you that I have full control over all your personal logins, photo galleries and videos.
What's more, I have finished recording your entire watch list and I can see how much you love porn.

I was able to record your masturbation.
I also recorded the porn that you were watching.

Keep in mind that I can send this entry to all your contacts in the phone book, social networks and so on.

If you are wondering what bad things can be done, think of all your friends, relatives and colleagues, and what their reaction will be when they see you masturbate in that short clip that I edited.

If you want to prevent it, send me $1500 for a BTC wallet: 191tnuK7YXeiGdsu8YFczfAseUDj4ZJGAe
(If you don't know how to do it, then write to Google: "Buy Bitcoin").

After receiving the payment, I will delete all the materials about you.

You have 48 hours.

The malicious program I used to log in to your device is so powerful that your antivirus couldn't stop it, and there's no sign of it left in your system.

So it is useless to go to the police or send this letter to someone. No action can be done and everything will only get complicated if you do it.
This message has a countdown, so as soon as you see it, the two days will start to run out.

Have a nice day.

Well, I guess I'm doomed 8-|

Because, look man, if you want to blackmail someone, you need real proof. You can't just come up with a phony story like that. You know, I get so many mails to that particular address you contacted me at, if I believed every story people tell me, I'd probably be a multi-millionaire with a 5-feet penis made of solid steel 24/7 surrounded by all-willing bitches just waiting to GET LAID TONITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!

Or I'd be completely broke.

So please understand that I'd like to see one of the vids you allegedly possess before I write "buy bitcoin" to Google. Oh and then again: even if I WOULD pay, who guarantees me that you really delete the material? A word of honor by an honorless little crook trying to rip off scared internet users? See? I am in a dilemma either way.

So sorry, no Bitcoins for you this time.

Have a nice day.

PS: Oops, 63 people already reported your wallet to and nobody paid anything yet. Ha ha :-P Time to switch to another scheme, hm? Sucker.

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