Facebook AGB mal übersetzt

Samstag, 13.8.2011, 16:54 > daMax

Fuck yeah:

The Facebook Terms of Service is a bitch to read. So we translated it into a more familiar vernacular (with a lot of swearing).

Und das liest sich dann so:

Hey, sometimes, maybe you have an idea! Fuck yeah, we love it when you have ideas. If you tell us your idea, maybe we’ll be like, “Hey! Great fucking idea, kid! We’re totally going to make that happen.” We, uh, we don’t have to pay you for it, though, just like you don’t have to tell us how to improve our site, asshole. Thanks.

Der gesamte Text ist äußerst unterhaltsam und zeigt euch Fuckbookern mal schonungslos auf, worauf zur Hölle ihr euch da eingelassen habt. Fuck that!

(via nerdcore)