TDWTF: The Internet of Nope

Dienstag, 15.8.2017, 11:27 > daMax

Ich lese hier gerade einen (schon etwas älteren) Artikel über das “Internet of Things”, der ziemlich gut aufzeigt, warum ich so Dinge wie „Smart Homes“, die gerade fett von der Telekom beworben werden, für eine schlechte Idee halte:

The Daily WTF: The Internet of Nope

Money Quote:

I bought a Nest thermostat before it was cool, and now three hardware generations on, I’m not getting software updates, and there are rumors about the backend being turned off someday. Maybe Nest needs a model more like “Hive Hub”. Hive is a startup with £500M invested, making it one of the only “smart home” companies with an actual business model. Of course, that business model is that you’ll pay $39.99 per month to turn your lights on and off.