Die wahren Gefahren des Internets

Mittwoch, 12.9.2012, 22:07 > daMax

On the internet, no-one knows you're Cthulhu :lol:

Stacy Griffith. 15. Liked frequenting chat rooms online. One day, she met a funny, goofy boy who was deep and intelligent.  They talked all the time and eventually, they decided they were going to meet up in a mall in Stacy’s home town.

Only when they met, Stacy realized he was no boy.

It was motherfucking Cthulhu.  Holy fucking shit.

Don’t trust anyone you meet online.

You could regret it.

5,000 American girls lose their sanity to Cthulhu every year. Stop online predation from Great Old Ones before it can start.  Educate your children about Cthulhu today. 


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