Occupy movement is just starting

Freitag, 27.1.2012, 19:14 > daMax

Interessantes Interview mit dem Trendforscher Gerald Celente über die Occupy-Bewegung und den Systemfehler Kaputtalismus. Er macht darin folgende Vorhersage, die wir uns jetzt alle mal gut merken sollten:

there'll be a false-flag maybe an attack with(?) Iran... something that will force them to close down the banks. Now I'm saying this because if perple remember, you go back to 9/11, you know what they did? They closed down wall street. You know what that meant? That meant if you had certificatres of deposits for example, you could not cash them in. So we're looking at something of major magnitude because of the failure of the financial system that they are not able to fix!

(via eat-slow)